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Not All Nutrition Bars are Nutritious

As a personal trainer I have to look over dozens of food diaries each week, one thing that always get’s me is the amount of sugar in the average persons diet.

If you think that the sugary cerials or the low fat pudding which you consume daily are proved to be healthy, but then in actually the case is not what you think. There is a lot of confusion regarding what to eat and what not to eat in order to attain weight loss. In fact even all nutrition bars re also not as healthy as you think them to be.

A few of the makers of the nutrition candy bars were asked to take off the work healthy from their packaging because the ingredients did not meet the fat guidelines. Here are two ways to figure out if a nutrition bar is a healthy choice or not.


These two ways are the nutrition facts table and the ingredient list. The bar manufacturers can either pick super clean ingredients like seeds and nuts or make the facts look good by mixing processed ingredients. The main trick is actually to find the balance between the two.

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The ingredient table


You should watch out for the added sugar which might seem healthy but in real which is not. There are high chances that there can be added sugar in disguise. But on the label if you read cane syrup or brown rice syrup then it is surely a chocolate bar instead of an energy bar.

Artificial sweeteners

Mannitol, xylitol or any other ingredient ending with ‘ol’ are all sugar alcohol, which will leave you gassy. The sweeteners like sucralose or aspartame can throw off your blood sugar, increase your craving for those nutrition bars in which they are present and can also meddle with your metabolism.

Hydrogenated fats

If you can find the word hydrogenated in the packaging of any nutrition bar then make sure never to eat that nutrition bar ever again. These types of fats are really not good for your heart and also for your overall health.

Nutrition facts table

Calorie bombs

A few nutrition bars will look super clean on their ingredient lists but in real will make you land up with more than 400 calories per bar. Well, so much of calorie in one bar is actually more than a dessert for a woman. There can also be two bars in the place of one in a packet but will provide you with the information of only one of the bar.

Carb overload

You should pick those nutrition bars for yourself which contains 30 grams carbohydrates or even lesser than that. You should always keep a check on that. Generally people just check for the protein intake and how much calorie they will gain upon eating a nutrition bar but no one notices the carb intake which is an essential point.

Hence, all nutrition bars does not provide you with those nutritional values the way you think. If you do not pick the right one for you then instead of having a weight loss you may land up with lots of weight gain.

HIIT Training and The Afterburn Effect

fitness trainer qualification

Other short and high intensity exercises such as the little method, density set training as well as 10-20-30 training can also be of great help.

Therefore, fitness training is very important for the afterburn. The exercises discussed above are performed at 70-85% of one individual’s heart rate.

It is not necessary for you to stick to the traditional cardio for achieving EPOC. Many fitness course studies conducted in Europe show that weight training can also elevate your EPOC, just be sure to hire a trainer that has the right fitness trainer qualification for this type of exercise.

It may be a lot more effective compared to cardio training in some cases. If you are new to this type of rigorous and intense training can also try a work-to-rest ratio, which would ideally be 1:2.

For example, 60 seconds of exercise is followed by 2 minutes of rest. Alternatively, you can do a 5-minute warm-up followed by 60-seconds of fast running and two minutes of recovery walk. Repeat this circuit six to eight times.

Then followed by a five-minute cool-down, it would add up to a 30 minutes in total, which is more than enough. Before performing these exercises it is best to do the fitness training. Fitness training will warm up your body and your body will be prepared to do the exercises mentioned above.

In order to stimulate EPOC, one major thing should be kept in mind is an appropriate fitness training routine.

A New Year a New Body?

As part of my 2016 health and fitness goals I have made a commitment to lose weight and get back into shape!

I told my husband that I want to lose 6 kilos in 6 weeks and he said he’ll be supporting me every step of the way.

So, now the easy part is out of the way… now’s where the work begins 🙂

After much research on the interent I think I have found a weight loss program I can follow through with, you only need to stick to eating once a day which suits me perfect.

Being a busy mum, wife and business owner I really don’t have the time to prepare meals and calorie count, and my long work days make it difficult for me to get to the gym more than 2-3 days per week.

After signing up they sent me this really helpful article called How To Lose Weight Fast for Women With These 50 Easy Tips, if your’e a busy business women like me, I highly recommend you check it out… there’s some really great tips in there.

That’s it for me, I plan on writing a weekly update to keep me accountable.

Till next Time!

Sarah James


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